Starting with Why

When a business first starts out, decision making for the founder or owner tends to be more intuitive and based on experience.

As a business grows, so too do the number of stakeholders who have their perspective and want their needs met. Sometimes these needs are in conflict or are a trade-off with other needs in the business, so an approach is required to work through these trade-offs. When it comes to aligning people and process with the right system, it can be a challenging endeavour to get everyone on the same page.

Enter the Decision Matrix tool and our approach to selecting the best-fit system for your business.

Overview - 5 steps to evaluation

What we'll present in this short course is an approach to using the Decision Matrix to support selection of the best fit cloud system for your business. We will cover:

  1. Defining the overall problem or objective
  2. Collecting issues to address from your key people - which can be translated into requirements, and how to categorise them appropriately ready for analysis
  3. How to jointly prioritise the requirements you have captured and have a level of agreement on these priorities from your key people
  4. How to score each option to get an objective score based on meeting your criteria
  5. How to compare and contrast the options you are evaluating based on the objective scoring, and come back with a recommendation based on the objective assessment and incorporating other, more subjective factors to help your team make a decision

Let's get started!

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