1.1 What to expect in this course- Horizon 1 Implementation

Horizon 1: Centralised Model

Leads to Invoicing Process

In this horizon, we'll aim to complete the key financial documents and processes using WorkGuru.

In terms of where they fit in the overall process, we have outlined a diagram below for how this model can work.

Key parts of WorkGuru we'll be setting up

Core Settings and data import spreadsheets

  1. Settings overview
  2. Master Tasks import (for timesheets and labour estimates based on hrs)
  3. Master Products import as NonStock (for referencing on templates and bulk-importing SKUs)
  4. Document Templates import


  1. Creating a lead and assigning activities (e.g. for reception inbound calls, email or web enquiry) > assign lead to Sales Person
  2. Adding a quote or multiple quotes to a lead (below)
  3. Leads manager overview and dashboard
  4. Winning the lead and selecting the quote that 'won'


  1. Calculating a Quote using WorkGuru and your master pricing list of tasks (e.g. hourly rate x estimated hrs) and products (price per unit x number of units)
  2. Printing your Quote to a PDF template
  3. Marking Quotes as Won/Lost

Project Setup

  1. Creating a job from the 'Won' quote
  2. Priting a job sheet/summary document that you can share with the broader team

Project Delivery

  1. Creating and sending purchase orders for suppliers
  2. Receipting supplier bills against the job


  1. Invoicing from the job, based on what was quoted (simple invoicing)

Note - it may be just one person supporting the business in completing each of the steps, as part of a bare-minimum WorkGuru implementation and building some early wins in use of the system!

WorkGuru Implementation - Centralised Model Workflow Design.pdf
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